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Liv Boeree, the famous model is now the biggest star of the poker world


Liv Boeree being recognized as the most successful poker player in the feminine category has astonished the poker world with the total earnings of $2000000 from all of the live tournaments she has been part. While this is definitely major achievement there are many more milestones in her career. She loves music and is a great fan of it. She definitely takes pride of playing her guitar when she chills out with her close ones. She is excellent at studies with proven first class degree from University of Manchester in the specialization of Astrophysics.

It does not mean that she is very much confined to the traditional way of educating herself, she was much into the modeling professional and have gained fame as the best model along with being very good as TV presenter. She has done quite a good number of shows before she presented herself as the host for various poker shows. Her fame was spread to the world when she first won the big live cash amount in the European Ladies Championship competition that is held in the year 2008. The amount that was won by her in this Championship is $42000.

This is just the beginning to the series of winnings she has made in the same year in most of the events that are held across the world. One other highlight that we could recollect about her is the top $40 finish in the WPT Championship event worth of $25000. It was in the year 2010 that she went to play the European Poker Tour Season 6 Sanremo that has nearly 1200 runners in the game thus giving a big challenge for her. In this game she still made her way towards $1,698,300 payday which was really awesome and surprisingly the best performance that she ever could give to the poker world as a best player.