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Earnings In Online Poker In Nevada


If the performance of the poker rooms in Nevada is looked at, the revenues that the state earned in 2015 are being matched this year as well, till the month of October.

The total revenue, earnings were about 8.7 million in US dollars for the month itself, which has matched the mark set last year. Indeed, the Silver State now has several card rooms, probably the highest number in the country.

The state is also home to world famous poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker as well as World Poker Tour. There are other kinds of tournaments that are held here at international levels. The revenues that have been earned in the state are exclusive of the profits made at the tournament events.

The state commission has not released the amount earned through tournaments and the figure is only indicative of the earnings from cash games. However, if you see the situation in a different light, the revenues have not increased in the state as compared with year on year performance. In 2015 the total earnings were a slight decline from what had been earned in 2014. The revenues for November and December still need to be calculated and the figures are looking good. There was big money generated in the months of June and July at the WSOP event was held at that time. The series sees players in thousands travel to Las Vegas and other sites of the event to take part that spends considerably for and around the events. The Las Vegas strip is the main area from where revenue for state poker rooms is generated. There are about 274 tables of poker located on the Strip itself. The world famous venues here include Wynn, Aria, Bellagio, Venetian and others.

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