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Daniel Negreanu talks about his 2016 resolutions


There are countless people who make New Year’s resolutions, but they forget them in just a few weeks. Still, there are a lot of them who remembers, then you may do some mistake. Poker player Daniel Negreanu is one of those did not forget his resolutions. Every year, he set goals for himself. He shared his targets for this year on his social media accounts.
Daniel unveiled a list of goals for this season and he also gave some advice on the science of goal setting on his site. Daniel is considered by many as one of the best poker players of all time. He has made more than US$ 32 million in prize money and he has credited his goal setting procedure as much of his success.

Negreanu has given ten specific goals for 2016 that include winning three World Series of Poker bracelets, making it to five final tables as well as moving to No 3 on the all time cash list of the World Series of Poker. He also wants to have twelve cash-outs in 2016, end the year as the in the top ten ranked players on Global Poker index and play more than two-hundred hours of cash games.
When Negreanu is popular known for publishing his poker aims, this is the very 1st time that he has made his mind to release his non-poker aims on the internet. Negreanu also looked back his aims for 2015 and what he really managed to accomplish.

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