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Borgata Championship Offers More Than Its Guarantees


It had been guaranteed to give $1 Million at the Borgata Championship. It was held at the Borgata Casino in the Atlantic City. The championship event had buy-in and its first flight was scheduled at the morning. They had allowed a lot of re-entry for the event and included levels for flights. The players eagerly looked forward to taking chances and win the $1 million at the guaranteed event. The winner of the event was crowned on 21st November when the event began in the afternoon.

The players had got entry to the event with money entry to be as low as $6. Each was guaranteed the buy-in qualifier seats for around $45. The Borgata Casino also ran satellites that were direct and which cost about entry $300. The champion, Elias had emerged as a prestigious player who secured victory by pocketing around $300,000.

The event Black Bounty had about 416 entries whereby it smashed 45% guarantee of $100,000. Also in the Saturday series of the same event, it had about 455 entries and there was a prize money of around $160,000.

The Borgato Casino had conducted a special event on the Veterans Day where the amount from was donated to the organization in the city for the veterans. The prize money in the event has been huge and it is to see how the future tournaments will go by. Out of the 14 events that the casino has conducted the total payment made has been close to somewhere around $2 million. And all of the events perhaps leaving out just two of them have crossed the guarantees that they provided for each of the events. There is one more tournament coming up this weekend the championship is set to last up until the 21st of this month.